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sharmin Khatun
Apr 06, 2022
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Where are we going to direct the rudder Consumer Email List of our company, to mark the steps to follow in the networks». Achieving visibility when we start from scratch : One of the biggest challenges for brands, especially for those that start from scratch and seek to Consumer Email List position themselves in their sector, is to achieve visibility and that new people see their content.. In this sense, from Comunicazen they tell us: «The main problem to achieve visibility at the beginning is that we have just started and we do not always have a budget to invest in advertising, so we also need people to find us organically». In this regard, Lorena García points out: «It is Consumer Email List important that, when establishing what actions we are going to carry out on networks, we know what actions are going to help us achieve some objectives or others. For example, on Instagram, if what we Consumer Email List want is visibility and reach, we will have to bet on content formats such as Reels or on establishing an adequate strategy of hashtags , in order to be more visible». In addition, the CEO of Comunicazen points out that collaborations and networking. They are a very good way to get visibility for our Consumer Email List networks. Wanting to be on all platforms... and ending up burned out : «One of the beliefs that is hardest for us to break at Comunicazen is that we need, as brands and businesses, to be present Consumer Email List on all platforms, which, in addition to being unproductive, is terribly exhausting. », says Lorena, who advises us, especially at the beginning, to keep the focus on only 1 or 2 platforms where we know that we will have an easy time impacting our client .

sharmin Khatun

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